I learned from my cousin Harry Smith

“I learned from my cousin Harry Smith, my husband now, TJ Wilson my cousin Teddy Hart, my uncles Bruce and Ross Hart, Bret Hart I learned from them. I got really tough training in the Dungeon. I got a really thick skin and I didn’t really even know it.

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We caught one fish and had eight misses on downlines and another boat trolling planer boards came past. One of the fishermen said he’d caught a huge striper and showed it to us. It weighed 50 pounds, he said. Don’t be afraid that you will be insulated from the “real India” by staying at better hotels. The ones we stayed at, while clean, with comfortable beds and functioning western style toilets, were hilariously dysfunctional. (They ranged in price from $50 to $90 a night for two.) A hair dryer caught fire in my hand.

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