For Keystone backers, though

For Keystone backers, though, the situation may be more dire. Next month, when Republicans take full control of Congress, there will probably be veto proof majorities in both houses that can force the Obama administration to finally approve the pipeline project that would carry oil from Alberta’s tar sands to Gulf Coast refineries and ports. However, hosannas are not echoing through the oil industry just yet.

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Plus, you vote to decide which retailer gets Calgary’s best hot chocolate crown. Get a head start at the launch party on Saturday, Feb. To noon.. All of which brings us to the Mongoose MMiR, the longer handed, shorter bladed bat that, so the argument goes, makes room for a bigger sweet spot and more weight though thicker edges, thus transferring more impact to the ball. Since the MMiR made its debut in 2009, Mongoose has added the conventionally shaped ToRQ to its range, and also the CoR3, a hybrid of the two other styles in which the standard length blade is cut down by an inch and a half. The firm’s marquee endorser is Marcus Trescothick, but Gareth Andrew and Brett D’Oliveira also use Mongoose bats, and more names are set to be unveiled in 2013.

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